What is UmojaLife

We are a non-profit organization with an eclectic basis and central goal of community building. A hub for passion defined by your eyes, heart, and mind.

“Where everything comes together” one of out many initiatives is to unite communities in efforts, talents, business, and organization. At Umoja Life, we want you to be able to unify and experience communities near and far with like efforts in uplifting underserved populations and implementing equity with aim to achieve equality.

At Umoja Life we realize that many work for UNITY or EQUALITY, as we are likewise. However, at Umoja Life we realize that many underserved populations need to achieve equity first. Equity, meaning bringing all to an EQUAL level. Equal treatment is not beneficial when one has more or less resources than another. Therefore, to prevent “preaching to the choir”, we at Umoja Life realize that research and acquired data will display the true root of disparities in our communities in a fashion in which outside, unaffected bodies can not discredit. Therefore, research, is one of our many community building efforts.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Contact us today at Umojalives@gmail.com


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